THE Biennale Internationale du Design is hosting Algopack

EXPO MILANO 2015, the Universal Exhibition is hosting Algopack from May to October

Attention to the role of science and innovation goes hand in hand with strong affirmation of the necessary concomitant strengthening of processes of production and ways of consumption more respectful of environmental conservation, maintaining the economic and social balance, as well as public health issues


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Pen pot

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Seaweeds trolley coins

Coins made with Algoblend material, BPA free. 100% made in France. Algoblend meets the very strict european toy safety regulations EN 71/1 /2 /3

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Now, it is time for you to Act you can buy your 100% Algae products at:

Algopack-made pots
Now, you have the possibility to stop your plastics wastes

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Algopack is the first company worlwide to print on Algae

Algopack replaces petroleum used for traditional plastic with algae for interior visuals.

Seafood trays are now made with seaweeds derivatives

Luminaires made from seaweeds

2013 Baccalaureate exam in Pondichery (India).The management case study was about Algopack

The European Commission has adopted a plan to revitalize the marine economy through innovation. Algopack is deeply involved.

Algopack supports the beach cleanup SurfRider Foundation and the Crozon-Morgat Centre Nautique at the Optimist World Championship in Crozon Morgat.

Algopack and Dcarte, two Breton companies create the first seaweed-made innovative desk display, including integrated screen

The Institut Supérieur de la Plasturgie (Institute in Plastics) provides materials and processes expertise :

Thank you to Brittany Surf Rider Fondation !! :

Remy Lucas will be present at the show Etonnants Voyageurs in Saint Malo :

The Coq en Pate company ( the first line of Algoblend made toys for the beach. (see pdf)

Algopack aheres to the global approach of the sailor Raphaela Gouvello

EKA specialist for card and badge holders is now manufacturing them with algoblend

Thursday October 4th, Génération Responsable is welcoming Algopack for the Greenday Conference.

Algopack will be at Biomarine Convention London Bridge
In partnership with the COCEB and BDI (Brittany’s organisation for developing innovation), Algopack® will attend the SIAL exhibition in Paris 21 to 25 October – come and find us on Stand 5AL004.
Rémy LUCAS, creator and MD of Algopack® extends his thanks to the Jean Guyomarch Foundation for their help:
Algopack® is involved in the first ‘Health, Sea and Seaweed’ science meets in Brest on the 21st and 22nd September, in partnership with Groupe Batteur :
Algopack® is welcomed into the international network "si tous les ports du monde"
Algopack® receives the award for Development Potential at St Malo
Economic Alternatives (November 2011)
L' Algopack® launches its packaging, created using Breton seaweed (October 2011)
Innova'Bio Trophy 2011 (October 2011)
Print Week Magazine (September 2011)
Plastics in Packaging magazine (September 2011)
Algopack® "a nugget" according to Usine Nouvelle magazine (September 2011)
Algopack® has been awarded its Certification for Direct Contact with Food Products by SGSo Laboratories (August 2011)
Algopack® featured on the TV channel Tébéo (June 2011)
API: economic news in the Pays de la Loire and Brittany (June 2011)
Algopack® installs its production plant in new premises
Algopack®, prize-winner of the Crisalide Eco-activities Trophy 2011. See an extract from the Press Cuttings (in French)
Sciences Ouest Magazine - February 2011
Portail de l'Innovation Bretagne - April 2011
Radio Laser 95.9 - April 2011
Espace des Sciences in Rennes - February 2011


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